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Luxembourg is a wealth management and fund management center of the EU.

Luxembourg bases its status as a global wealth management center on more than 100 years of experience. The small country is known to be a financial center and many foreign investors choose to open an investment fund in Luxembourg. The financial sector is very well developed, offering asset management and general banking services, but also wealth restructuring, tax planning, succession planning, risk management or special philanthropic services.

Most clients seeking wealth management or private banking solutions in Luxembourg come from other EU countries and only around 40% of them come from the rest of the world.

The Duchy has a good regulatory regime, which is in line with EU regulations, and it offers a multitude of solutions for opening several types of investment funds. Asset managers and investors who wish to learn more about the wealth management options they have in the Grand Duchy can speak to one of our trustee experts in Luxembourg.


Why set up in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is both a world-class financial center and a country recognized for the strength of its economy and the quality of life it offers its residents.

Luxembourg is politically stable. Its public debt is very low.

With its AAA rating, which illustrates sound public finances, its attractive economy and its financial centre, Luxembourg performs better than the EU average.

Luxembourg offers a diverse range of financial services connecting investors and markets around the world.

Its unique cross-border expertise attracts international financial service providers. Luxembourg is the ideal place to finance the European and global activities of companies of all sizes.

The city has become one of the three official seats of the European Union and hosts its jurisdictional and financial institutions (Court of Justice, European Investment Bank, Court of Auditors, etc.) as well as many multinational banks allowing the city to achieve world renown and the rank of an international financial centre.

You will therefore benefit from a very high standard of living and an environment conducive to business thanks to its strategic location in Europe, at the heart of the Greater Region, its economic and political stability as well as its attractive tax environment. Moreover, its legal framework aimed at promoting intellectual property and R&D activities, not to mention the presence of a highly qualified, multilingual and mobile workforce, only increases the attractiveness of the country.

Some figures for the year 2019:

• Unemployment rate of 6.4%
• 6% inflation
• 1% of GDP public debt
• 3% GDP growth over 5 years

(Source STATEC

Luxembourg is also:

Top 3

of the EU's financial centres

3rd rank worldwide

for the international activity

AAA rating


1st Market share

in listed green bonds worldwide


of 12 European Institutions

10th on 125

in terms of competitiveness to attract, retain and develop talent


Luxembourg enjoys a privileged location in Europe :


2h30 by car


1h30 by plane


2h15 by train


45min by plane


1h40 by train

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Other reasons to set up your company in Luxembourg

With its population of 600 000 habitants :

Luxembourg is the largest cross-border labor market in the EU

With more than 35,000 companies established

1.5 million consumers within a radius of 30km from its borders

+ More than 200,000 FRENCH / GERMAN / BELGIAN cross-border workers

A highly developed international and multilingual education system – children speak at least 3 languages

+/- 170 nationalities: different nationalities live together

All public transport
free in 2020

1st country in the world to make all public transport free

1st rank
in the world

GDP / Inhab. (2018) : 96 700 €

2nd city with the most
high-level sports
facilities in the EU

(EU Flash Eurobarometer 419, Quality of life in European cities)

1st country

for safety and security
(Expat Insider 2018)

4th best city

for the level of its health services in the EU
(EU Flash Eurobarometer, Quality of life in European cities)


Core population between 25 and 55 years old

Strategic location
in Europe
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