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Business creation

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You have chosen to create a company in Luxembourg?

Are you an entrepreneur or manager?
Have you chosen to create a company in Luxembourg in order to develop your business there and find new customers?

We help you build it.

We offer you a very complete support offer with a multitude of services and assistance relating to the creation of your business. We study with you (and for you) the different stages of your creative projects.

Our objective: To make your life easier (especially with regard to administrative formalities), to save you time, to facilitate your procedures and to make your projects operational as quickly as possible and in the best conditions, by allowing you to make the right choices, to constitute a solid file and quickly find your first customers. In short, our experts are at the service of entrepreneurs and of you, the manager.

Getting off to a good start is essential in building a business. Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you build the solid foundations of a good starting plan, in line with your creative project. Choosing the most suitable legal status and structure will guarantee you good development and long-term results. Finding good financing (and a good accountant !) is also essential to a good record.

We are here to help you !

Among our services, you will find:

Legal statutes

Drafting of statutes

The Notary

Contact with the Notary

The authentic act

Representation in the authentic act

Filing of articles
of association

Filing and publication
of articles of association

Bank accounts

Opening bank acounts


Obtaining the VAT registration number


Application for a business licence


A compliance department


Office rental in our premises

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Your project

Whether in Luxembourg, France or elsewhere, creating a company is an expert project that requires preparation. Entrepreneurs must make important decisions, in line with their objectives and their offer. Finding a good idea is not enough, the entrepreneur must ask the right questions, find the right help and design a solid plan. The ultimate goal is to create jobs and close a business!

The steps to create your business

The creation of your company will take time and will probably require a significant personal and financial investment (not to mention the numerous steps to be taken). A simple "entrepreneurial mindset" (or manager) is not enough. As in France, you will have to respect certain stages prior to the creation of a company in order to start your activity and set up your project with peace of mind. Without forgetting the fact of finding the adequate aids, finding the good accountant, the good financing and the eternal administrative formalities... In short, it is a whole file to constitute, and you are not necessarily expert in the matter, and the help of the CCI will perhaps not be sufficient. You need the support of experts...

Finding the right legal status

Obviously, the first step is to have an idea for a company and to study the market to identify the competition. Will the company be a source of employment? Another essential step is to have a good business plan. Indeed, without it, no business is possible! You will also have to define the right legal status for your project and follow the administrative formalities. Finding an efficient accountant is also important. And then after all these steps, finally, start the activity. The beginning of the activity is in a way the last step of the creation of your company and the reward for all the entrepreneurs. What the experts say!

The realization of your project

It is not enough to have the mindset of a manager or a creator. Creating a business is much more than a professional project, a simple job or the realization of a good idea, it is a way of life, choices to be made (in line with what you want to achieve), an offer to be defined, customers to be found, help to be found, a whole file to be built, a permanent expert challenge that you will have to constantly take up if you want to succeed. And this, in Luxembourg, in France or in any other country...


We help you find the form of company that best suits your project.

From commercial companies to investment funds, our teams are there to advise you and offer you ongoing support.


Simplified limited liability company


Limited liability company


Société Anonyme


Cooperative society


Financial holding company


Family wealth management firm

Civil society

Limited Partnership


Partnership limited by shares

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Several types of company regime exist for carrying out your activity or investing in Luxembourg. In order to make life easier for entrepreneurs, we have listed them and our teams of experts can provide you with the details:

S.L.L.C :
Simplified limited liability company

Derogates from certain rules specific to the S.à r.l. Allows the entrepreneur or the creator of a new company to start his activities with a simplified structure. Its minimum share capital is reduced to 1 euro and its constitution can be done without the intervention of a notary. It is only reserved for natural persons. The number of associates can go from 1 to 100 persons. Its corporate purpose is restricted to the exercise of activities for which a trade license is required.

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L.L.C :
Limited liability company

Company where the responsibility of the associates is limited to the amount of their contributions. Its share capital is at least 12,000 euros and the articles of association must be drawn up in the presence of a notary. It can have a single partner at the time of incorporation. In these companies, the number of associates is limited to 100. They can be natural persons or legal entities. It is directed by one or more managers, partners or not, employees or free.

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S.A. :
public limited companies

A commercial company considered for tax purposes as a capital company composed of shares in which the liability of each partner is limited to the amount of their contributions. Its minimum share capital is 30,000 euros. It must have at least 1 partner. The shareholders can be natural persons or legal entities. Depending on their size, companies incorporated as S.A. are subject to supervision by an auditor or a certified auditor.

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Financial holding company

Holding company whose corporate purpose is the holding and management of participations in the capital of Luxembourg or foreign companies. It can be used for various investment purposes, in particular the holding and financing of participations, real estate purchases, the acquisition of intellectual property rights, etc. It can take different legal forms such as a société anonyme (SA), a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership limited by shares (SCA) or a société par actions simplifiée (SAS). One of the advantages of this structure is that it can be mixed : to hold securities and shares but also to carry out a commercial activity.

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C.S :
Cooperative society

Commercial company in the sense of the law. It gathers at least 2 partners, natural persons or legal entities. It can be created by private deed or by notarial act. It can have limited or unlimited liability. No minimum or maximum amount of share capital is required. The supervision by one or more auditors, partners or not, is mandatory, except for the appointment of an auditor.

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Civil society

A non-trading company that is mainly found in the context of civil, agricultural, liberal or intellectual professions. These companies include at least 2 partners who are indefinitely responsible for all their personal assets. It concerns all natural or legal persons wishing to carry out an activity other than commercial, such as the holding and management of assets. The use of a notary is not mandatory.

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S.P.F. :
Société de gestion de patrimoine familial

Investment company intended only for individuals acting in the context of the management of their private assets. It can take the form of a Sàrl, a SA, a SCA or a SC organized in the form of a SA, and whose exclusive object is the acquisition, holding, management and realization of financial assets, excluding any commercial activity, holding of real estate or intellectual property rights. It can hold an interest in a company only on the condition that it does not interfere in its management. It benefits from a tax exemption if certain conditions are met.

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S.C.S. :
Société en commandite simple

Form of commercial company. It must be composed of at least 2 partners: a general partner and a limited partner who are differentiated by their respective responsibilities. The management of the company is carried out by the general partner or partners. No minimum contribution is necessary and its constitution can be done without the intervention of a notary.

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S.E. :
European company

A company which is able to conduct its business in every Member State of the European Union, under a single legal structure common to all the States, set forth under community law.

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S.C.A. :
Private Company Limited by Shares

A trading company which must be composed of at least 2 partners: a general partner and a sleeping partner, who assume different responsibilities. The general partner is indefinitely and jointly liable for the company’s engagements. For such companies, the sleeping partner’s liability is limited to the amount of their capital contribution. The minimum social capital of the SCA is 30,000 euros and is composed of shares. Supervision of the company must be entrusted to a board made up of at least 3 auditors. Company management is the duty of one or several managers, general partners or otherwise.

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S.N.C. : Ordinary partnership

A trading company characterised primarily by indefinite and joint liability of the partners in all of the company’s dealings. It must be composed of at least 2 partners, either individual or legal entities, who will all be deemed to be traders. No minimum social capital is required and all types of contributions are possible.

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S.C.Sp :
Special limited partnership company

A trading company without a legal personality. Its appropriate structuring enables full fiscal transparency. It is constituted contractually without the involvement of a notary. The social contract is signed between one or several general partners, each liable for the company’s dealings indefinitely and jointly, and one or several sleeping partners, liable up to the amount of their contribution. Management is carried out by one or several managers, general partners or otherwise. The manager(s) must not be traders.

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F.I.S. :
Specialised investment fund

A very flexible investment entity providing an efficient tax structure for qualified investors. Does not require a maximum or minimum number of shareholders. However, the shareholders are required to purchase a minimum shareholding of 1,250,000 euros. This must be fully subscribed but only 5% of each share or unit should be released.

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F.I.A.R. :
Reserved alternative investment fund

A lighter structure with regard to Luxembourg’s F.I.S. and the S.I.C.A.R., and which is the most used and favoured by eligible investors. It can be constituted and quickly placed on the market as it is not subject to the approval and supervision of the CSSF, like all other investment funds in Luxembourg.

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S.I.C.A.R. :
Risk Capital Investment Company

Aimed at well-informed investors with sound knowledge of the operation of funds. This is a joint-stock company, whose shareholders are investors wishing to invest in entities upon their launch, development or initial public offering. It may take the following legal forms: SCS, SCSp, SCA, SC organised as an SA, Sàrl or SA. It must be approved by the CSSF. The investment must be of at least 125,000 euros. The minimum social capital of 1,000,000 euros must be attained within 1 year after incorporation.

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S.I.C.A.F. : Investment company with fixed capital

A basic structure for forming a collective investment fund in Luxembourg. It is mainly used for private placements. It may be organised as an SA, an Sàrl, an SCA, or an SC organised as an SA. The minimum capital is 1,250,000 euro. It must be approved and is supervised by the CSSF. The headquarters must be located in Luxembourg.

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S.I.C.A.V. :
Investment company with variable capital

A type of investment fund whose main purpose is financial asset investment. The capital must be equal to its net asset value. It may be organised as an SA, an Sàrl, an SCA, or an SC organised as an SA. The minimum capital is 1,250,000 euros, which must be deposited within 6 months of the approval of the fund. It must be approved and is supervised by the CSSF. The headquarters must be located in Luxembourg.

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